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In 2013, the first reports came in the news of refugees who were stopped and drowned off the coast of the Italian island of Lampadusa. My head didn't understand this. The images completely blocked my mind. How could people do this? In an impulse I got up and started dancing. Something special happened in the movement. I was able to experience multiple layers and dimensions of the complex problem at once. My thinking stretched to a larger part of the problem. 'Everyone is drowning and when you are drowning you do crazy things,' I thought. Then the following sentence came up: 'In gasping for breath it is necessary to continue to see each other as human beings because it is the same air that we breathe. Only then do we see the direct suffering of the other that prompts us to embrace the other instead of pushing it aside.'

Something was added to my thinking. A lived experience of the movement and two poetic phrases that kept me busy for months. I discovered that the body has an unprecedented source of information. Not only about ourselves, but also about how things in the world are connected.

In my work as an organizational and change expert I experienced a similar problem in thinking. The more complex the task, the more we tend to talk, analyze and control. And that's exactly what isn't needed. Here too I ran into the limits of thinking and talking. From that first experience of that dance about the boat refugees, I decided to use this way of researching and giving meaning in my work.

It motivated me to go off the stage with my dance, to end the separation of the world of organizations and the arts and to end the seperation between my two identities as a dancer and a organizational expert. .

It was time toput myself on the line and become really visible in the bigger issues of the world with my dance.

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