Dance Dialogue Workshops

Let your question get visualized in a dance and spoken word. 


Based on an individual or collective question, we conduct a dialogue with a special twist. A turn that takes place through wordless movement. 


In this workshop I dance questions from individual participants and/or a collective question. In the process it becomes visible what is difficult to put into words, we find new words, new starting points and in-depth insights. 


It has the potential to break through what has been stuck in thinking and talking for a long time. 


A Dance Dialogue can also be done in the form of a short film with which a larger group of people can be reached on a certain theme. Extremely suitable for in-depth insight into complex themes and for opening a good conversation about it. 

Spoken Dance op seminars, congressen en events

Do you want the public to fully take the impact of your conference? 


Then opt for an unparalleled Spoken Dance Wrap Up during or at the end of your event.


I will be present during the event. As an unusual suspect among the audience. Listening deeply and looking at the interaction on stage and in the hall. Feeling what is happening in the audience. While the program is running, I write a Spoken Word. I capture the common thread of the day in a striking, poetic way. 


I come on stage from the audience with a customized Spoken Word. Followed by a dance, which represents the essence of what happened that day in an impactful way. 


Would you like an unparalleled Spoken Dance Wrap Up? 


Contact me for questions and booking.

Facilitation of groups

Do you want to take your personal, team, organizational or social question further in a special way? 


I facilitate policy days, strategy meetings, leadership trainings, team meetings and individual sessions to achieve the desired result on different levels of thinking, feeling and doing.


I facilitate your process from an open dialogue, with arts-based teaching methods that go beyond just talking. Always with a keen eye on ineffective patterns.


My facilitations are characterized by a conviction that even in the most stuck issues and collaborations there is always movement possible.